Like a hedge fund, for everyone.

At Bananalytics we offer consistent equity forecasting across all market sectors without the exchange of control over your capital. Our team provides hedge fund level analytics via perpetually updated price targets within an actionable range, allowing our clients to invest through their broker of choice at their own discretion. Analysis is available in an easy-to-access format via our iOS and Android application, live on the app store November 2020.

The Bananalysts

Bananalytics is a team of leading financial analysts that provides new to market investors with readily available equity forecasts and on-demand analysis. Our team peels away the complex and daunting aspects of global financial markets, bringing you simple international equity projections through easy-to-understand technical charting and consistently effective forecasting across various sectors. We specialize in offering on-demand emerging market opportunities, tailored to our clients industry-specific interests and personal investment strategy.



Accessible Forecasting

Save time on investment research and allow the maximum utility of your capital, focus on the minimalist presentation of our equity forecasts resulting from the use of proprietary screeners and indicators. On-Demand analysis is available to provide pursuit of your every interest within the international financial markets.


Consistent Projections

Our track record of forecasts is a true testament to our success. We search out cultural demand in order to isolate potential market opportunity; this involves more than just financial news and technical projections, but the tracking of social media trends and consumer demands across cyclical periods. Our teams diligence towards ever changing market sentiment allows us to reliably find emerging business in undervalued sectors.


Maximum Convenience

Our comprehensive analysis not only provides reliant view of market sentiment, it does so in an easily accessible manner. This allows more time to focus on tracking volatile price action, and less time spent determining the function of dated UI. By using technological infrastructure our customers come to the table comfortable with, we minimize the learning curve.


Bananalytics was founded to provide simple, easy to understand analysis of complex financial instruments and markets. The team at bananalytics seeks to bring investors of all backgrounds a means for rapid, efficient outlook on market sentiment. Through the screening of unusual volume and price activity, insider transactions, and implied volatility, we hope to determine the most cost effective return in a short to medium time frame.

All investments are highly speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss. We encourage our investors to invest very carefully. We also encourage investors to get personal advice from your professional investment advisor and to make independent investigations before acting on information that we publish. Much of our information is derived directly from information published by companies or submitted to governmental agencies on which we believe are reliable but are without our independent verification. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the information is accurate or complete. We do not in any way whatsoever warrant or guarantee the success of any action you take in reliance on our statements or recommendations.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. All investments carry significant risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the specific responsibility of that individual. There is no guarantee that systems, indicators, or signals will result in profits or that they will not result in a full loss or losses All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do.

Hypothetical or simulated performance is not indicative of future results. Unless specifically noted otherwise, all return examples provided in our websites and publications are based on hypothetical or simulated investing. We make no representations or warranties whatsoever that any investor will, or is likely to, achieve profits similar to those shown, because hypothetical or simulated performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Don’t enter any investment without fully understanding the worst-case scenarios of that investment.


Various statements contained in this service, including those that express a belief, expectation or intention, as well as those that are not statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements may include projections and estimates concerning the timing and success of strategies, plans or intentions. We have based these forward-looking statements on our current expectations and assumptions about future events. These assumptions include, among others, our projections and expectations regarding: market trends, our ability to create an opportunity with attractive current yields and upside. While we consider these expectations and assumptions to be somewhat reasonable, they are inherently subject to significant business, economic, competitive, regulatory and other risks, contingencies and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond our control and could cause actual results to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Investors should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to conform to actual results or changes in our expectations, unless required by applicable law.

Coming to the App Store and Google Play, December 2020.

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