Making Financial Freedom Feasible

Bananalytics is here to bring financial independence within reach. We provide you a one-stop mobile platform for digestible financial education and actionable equity forecasts.

Coming to the App Store and Google Play, November 2020.

Actionable analysis

Easy to understand financial education

Simplified introduction to equity markets


Curated forecasting

Actively monitored derivative charts feature insight on analyses determining our price target, as well as the Bananalyst confidence indicator presenting emerging opportunities, consistently.

Real time targeted analysis

Live US equity pricing allows constant monitoring of price targets and real-time changes in our proprietary confidence indicators.

Embedded mobile education

In-app education allows users to understand new technical terms without wasting time on independent education.


Bananalytics is a financial education and analytical service providing US equity updates focused on emerging market opportunities.

Presented is novel technical analysis and global macro-perspective in order to make educated decisions during market hours.


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